Welcome to Belching Bob's Fanclub

It all began many years ago.....

A little boy found out that he could make a burp on command....

He refined his skills into the superp technique that made him known as.....

Belching Bob


Turn on your loudspeakers!

Belching Bob will make a burp on command


Come in side and listen to a wonderful belch or burp. Belching Bob just loves to belch and burp. Belching Bob is burping all day and belching all night. Belching Bob burps on command, and yes, he belches on command. Do you like a belch? Then come in side and listen to a burp. Belching Bob knows how to belch on command, and how to burp on command. Belch belch and belch again, burp burp and burp again. Do you belch? You should belch or at least burp. Watch the belch video, yeah watch the burp video